Calling all Youth! 

Interested in learning all about the Theatre?? We have tons of Workshops coming to Stage Door starting this January!




To Register for our Youth Workshops, and to see our full list of Workshops, please click HERE


Now until January 1st, 2019 our workshops are only $20 each. However, if you purchase SIX or more Workshops, you only pay $15 each.


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Below are the Descriptions for each workshop that will be offered.

Character Development (Taught by Elizabeth Smith): How to develop a character and get into their head. This session will use scene work to help students enhance character development skills.

Improvisation (Taught by UMW Theater Students): Discover how to think on your feet by participating in exciting improv games and valuable exercises that can be used for acting and everyday life.

Movement for Actors (Taught by UMW Theater Students): Are you an actor? A singer? A dancer? Whether an amateur or an expert, learn how to move comfortably onstage in the workshop geared towards dance and movement.

Monologue Workshop (Taught by UMW Theater Students): Sometimes being alone onstage can be daunting! Attend this workshop and acquire the skills and techniques necessary to be comfortable under the spotlight.

Scene Work (Taught by UMW Theater Students): Being able to work with a partner onstage is one of the most important components of acting. Take this workshop and take part in a line-by-line analysis of an assigned scene, then work on it with partners!

Audition Skills (Taught by UMW Theater Students): The first step to being an actor is getting cast. And how do you get cast? You audition! Learn the ins and outs of the audition process and get the opportunity to practice your new skills in a mock audition!

Stage Combat (Taught by UMW Theater Students): Ever wonder how fights on stage look so realistic? Take this workshop on unarmed stage combat and you can learn how to do falls, punches, and rolls.

Shakespeare (Taught by UMW Theater Students): Discover the rich language of the Elizabethan stage by learning how to scan and score the text so it honors the verse in a conversational way. Once the text is ready, get on your feet and bring the words to life!

Storytelling on the Stage (Taught by UMW Theater Students): Use the many skills of acting—speaking, listening, movement, and imagination to create plays out of stories and performances from the printed page.

Scene Study (Taught by UMW Theater Students): Being able to work with a partner onstage is one of the most important components of acting. Take this workshop and take apart an assigned scene line-by-line, learn how to analyze and create characters, then bring it to life with a partner!

Stagecraft (Taught by Bill Green): The basics of stage terminology, stage movement, and projection. What every actor needs to know to be professional and shine on the stage.

Auditioning for Musical Theater (Taught by Amy Beach): What to expect in a Musical Theater audition. How to select and prepare a song. How to master the dance audition and shine while learning short dance combos.

Expressions (Taught by Alex Beach): How to use your voice and body to express yourself on stage. We will have fun and get goofy and learn important acting skills.