Here's what's next for Stage Door:


May 18-20                                    PETER AND THE STARCATCHER   (Youth)

June 3 & 4                                    ROMEO & JULIET Auditions  (Shakespeare)

June 22&23 and 29&30             ORDINARY DAYS   (Main Stage)

July 9-20                                      Youth Summer Camps  (Youth)

July, TBD                                     Stars Summer Camp  (Stars)

August, TBD                                THE WITCHES Auditions  (Main Stage)

August, TBD                                Youth Musical Auditions  (Youth)

September 15&16 and 21-23    ROMEO & JULIET  (Shakespeare)

October 25-27                             THE WITCHES*  (Main Stage)

November, TBD                          Youth Musical  (Youth)


...and more to come soon!