Save the date! Auditions for our 2018 Shakespeare production, Romeo and Juliet, will be held on Sunday, June 3, and Monday, June 4, at our office. See the Shakespeare page for further details!
Congratulations to the cast of ROMEO AND JULIET!
Romeo—Brendan Williamson
Juliet—Brittany Suddreth
Capulet—Stephen Brown
Lady Capulet—Jennifer McLaughlin
Nurse—Laura Echevarria
Friar Laurence—Pedro Echevarria
Montague—Jon Quandt
Benvolio—Eula Chaves
Mercutio—Julie Allbeck
Tybalt—Paul Kartage
Prince—Roy Jarnecke
Peter—Desmond Freeman
Samson/Watchman—Jaeden Cain
Backstage/guest—Samantha Buckley
Backstage/guest—Lily E. McGrogan
Stage Manager—Christine Corrieri